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Due Diligence Specialist

It’s so easy to get burned when buying a business. Outright dishonesty by a seller is difficult to detect.

Due Diligence Specialist

Many purchasers often believe they don’t need it or can’t afford it… yet the initial investigation is the most critical part of any potential purchase of a business. Owning a business can be one of the most financially and emotionally rewarding experiences of your life or it can become your worst nightmare.

Business Advisor

Business planning, financial projections, employee management, and customer acquisitions are just a few of the issues that small business owners wrestle with.

Business Advisor

Startups and fast-growing companies have even more challenges — and that’s where a business advisor is most valuable. Whether they’re helping with starting a new business or managing an existing enterprise, small business advisors are seasoned professionals that help with strategic business planning and crucial operational decisions.

Accounting & Tax Services

we understand the needs of small to medium sized businesses and what it takes to be successful.

Accounting & Tax Services

Our full line of professional tax, accounting and payroll solutions are designed to help your business reach its full potetial. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with our clients. We care about you and your business. Your success is important to us.

Don’t waste your time and Money.

It’s so easy to lose your money when you buy a business.

We will assess the financial position of the target by looking at earnings history, cash flow, future earnings potential, quality of its assets and liabilities, working capital, purchase price allocation, and tax compliance.

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External Auditing Service or Internal Auditing

Internal auditing has become a more integral part of any public company thanks to the recently enacted Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. External auditing covers the quality control procedures performed in-house, rather than an independent audit handled by a third-party accounting firm. An external auditor is not given the authority to make any changes, but they will advise the management of their findings. External auditing: Why is it important? The purpose of external auditing is to evaluate a company's procedures and how strictly they adhere to those procedures. External auditors are required to be impartial and objective at all times while assessing the company's compliance. This can often be more difficult for an internal auditor than an independent external auditor. A conflict of interest can easily arise in a situation where the internal auditor must evaluate his or her supervisor or assistants. Ideally, external auditors should not be given assignments involving their own department or close co-workers. Internal auditing: What activities are covered? Internal auditing does not only cover financial aspects of the company's operations. Sarbanes-Oxley expanded the scope of external audits to include information technology and human resources procedures as well as financial reporting. external auditors can be used in conjunction with the [...]

Get Ready For Tax Season- Tips To Avoid Last Minute Rash.

Our team of specialists located in Miami will work with you to elaborate your tax returns and file it faster. Even if your tax situation is not complicated, there is still documentation the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) demands. However, filing taxes does not have to be an ordeal. If you get ready for tax season, it can be less daunting and less frustrating if you have all the required material at your fingertips. By being prepared, you will be ready to file your return at the earliest possible moment. The key to a successful tax form is proper and accurate reporting. The Internal Revenue Service wants to know the amount of cash that you earned for it to tax it. You require to know what you can indicate on your Form 1040 that will assist you trim your tax bill. Getting any of these requirements wrong can lead to unwelcome follow-up correspondence from the IRS or cost you money. However, getting it right will make IRS leave you in peace or mean more cash in your account. No matter the assistance you get from tax preparation accountants or programs, here is 5 ways to ensure you get ready for tax season: 1. [...]

Importance of Accountants Services

No matter which business you belong to, you always need the right set of accountants service. Whether it is about the tax processes or the other financial matters, your accountant will do the job for you. There is a growing need to find the right accountant for every business, so that their accounts are handled with great care and trust. Whether it is about tax preparation services or tax processing services or simple tax return services, the professional help is always needed. However, a number of people find it hard to choose the right accountant or professional services, who can provide the most reliable and efficient services. If chosen carefully, it gives you so much in return that you can always cherish. That is why we have come up with some useful information that will make your decisions easy and the results will be far better than before. Below are the things that you need to keep in mind if you are looking to hire an accountant: Public accountants may charge high and therefore you might want to shift to the offshore accountants, so that you can save good amount of money. Particularly for the small business owners, it makes a [...]

In Miami you can find The Best Accountant Service

Every business needs the help of accounting services. If you reside within United Estates or a non resident and attempting to search out an accountant that provide exactly what you, as a private, or your business would like, then your alternatives are several, nonetheless you most actually should notice a professional, who is experienced and has your utmost interest deep down. Good accountants will not simply advise on most accounting matters or taxation management, however he or she will assist you effectively grow your business, create the right management selections and steer away from creating expensive mistakes. The business will succeed when you plan properly in every step of your business especially in hiring the accounting services. Before choosing that accounting corporations you would place your trust in, you ought to most actually perform some analysis on your own; speak to shut friends and family, speak to your banker or personal representative to find out the best accountant that you are searching. The Best Accountant Service will give the best service. Accounting companies have a genuinely wide selection of services, that lookout of money news, monetary records management, compliance with all the newest rules, numerous Vat solutions, property designing, payrolls, company tax [...]